Rock Your Hair Studios
  We Can Re-Tune Your Style!

We Can Re-Tune Your Style!

Rock Your Hair Studios is a unique salon.  Our cutting and crafting styles range from Rocker/Chic Crops to Graphic and Edgy looks infused with lots of texture.  An inspired modern spin on today’s styles.  

Our hair designers will work with you to create a unique signature style that is tuned just for you. Or we can help you

"Re-tune Your Style”


Children - Cuts & Style 

Child's Cut - Girl (0-5 yrs, 30 mins) $30 & up 
Child's Cut - Girl (6-12 yrs, 45 mins) $40 & up
Child's Cut - Girl (13-16 yrs, 60 mins) $50 & up
Child's Cut & Style - Boy $30 & up  
 Child's Cut & Style - Girl $50 & up
Child's Buzz Cut $15 & up 



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" I was there on Opening Day and Love it!!  Lots of luck to YOU!!!  The girls are very welcoming and will fit right in. GREAT JOB!! See you next week when I bring the girls for their cuts."

- Alice L, NH -